Great Basin Data Recovery

Your Industry Leader in Data Recovery and Digital Forensics

In today's world we all collect digital data in many forms. We store our school work on laptops and desktops, we take pictures and store them on various memory cards, and we transfer files on thumbdrives. All of these storage devices are susceptible to crashing and the potential loss of your personal data.  Imagine losing your favorite vacation photographs, or all of the Mp3 files you took so long to make.

The good news is that the professionals at Great Basin Data Recovery can get your data back. We prove every day that data is not necessarily gone. Even if you can't see it, there is a great likelihood that it still exists on your hard drive or your memory card.

Great Basin Data Recovery has years of experience recovering data from hard drives and removeable media. Our trained data recovery specialists can recover your missing data.


Great Basin Data Recovery gets your data back!

Our objective is to  successfully recover your data.  We do it using industry standard techniques and procedures. The use of the best in class tools and proprietary techniques and tools built in-house by our technicians. We also use an ISO Class Clean environment for internal repair and recovery of your hard disk drives

Great Basin Data Recovery  understands the value of your data and have established internal and physical controls to protect your data. No matter if the project involves litigation or is just the photo's from your last vacation we value your privacy. To insure our processes, we review them annually for compliance with Federal,  State and   Local standards.

No job is too big or too small for Great Basin Data Recovery – we recover data from most consumer devices.   If you have lost your data we can get it back.   After all it is our only business.